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Kubota Power Generators NSW Australia

kubota Power GeneratorsWhen searching for a reliable generator to support your business, in times of emergency, there are many factors to consider. Time wasted on inactivity due to power outages can cost your business income and reputation. It’s important to prevent this with the careful selection of the best diesel-powered generator for your needs. For nearly 40 years, Kubota has provided the best construction and agricultural power equipment in NSW, Australia. The high performance of the Kubota engine is known and esteemed the world over. For that reason, you would be remiss not to consider Kubota Generators for sale for your business needs. Kubota products can be purchased from 140 authorized dealers, Australia wide. Sales of Kubota Power Generators offer high performance and reliability for the discerning consumer. There are options from 6kVA to 30kVA to suit any residential or commercial use. One of the best Kubota power generator sales and servicing is domain

If you’re searching for a generator to use in-home or in your small business, Kubota’s 2-pole options are varied and reliable. The Workforce Series is designed to suit harsh conditions for small satellite operations. This product line is best for small businesses operating remotely on-site. Also designed for small business and residential needs is the GL Series. These generators are created with compact structure, easy maintenance and quiet operation in mind. For more power, delivered in a condensed form, look to the J Series. These powerful versions are easily transported for job site use.

Conversely, If you’re in need of a generator for a large-scale industrial application, consider one of Kubota’s 4-pole lines. The KJ Series design offers quiet, safe operation with a focus on efficiency. For your largest applications, look no further than the SQ Series. These top-of-the-line models are remarkably muffled, for the incredible power provided. They combine a heavy duty 4-pole design with an exceptional noise-cancelling enclosure, ensuring your workplace can be productive even during power outages.

Kubota 33 KLW GeneratorIt’s important also to note, Kubota Power Generators reputation for easy maintenance, user safety, reduced carbon emissions, quiet operation and exceptional fuel economy. All of these factors can allow your business to save money on servicing and repairs. The entire Kubota Power Generator selection is protected by a 24-month 2000-hour engine and generator warranty. This program allows you to purchase your new generator with peace of mind, knowing you can rely on the Kubota service department to keep your generator running. Additionally, you can depend on the Kubota 5 Star Service Certification Program to ensure that all service center dealerships live up the strict Kubota standards. Kubota carefully inspects each center’s facility, tools, staff, operations and training every two years.

Reducing carbon emissions is important for any business in today’s world. Often, the use of cleaner products and practices can reduce taxes paid or garner government subsidies. Choosing a low-emission option for your business generator is another step towards a green workplace. Fuel economy is a factor that goes hand-in-hand towards profitability and sustainability in your business. Kubota offers superior fuel economy versus the competition.

For your business needs large and small, it’s clear that Kubota Power Generators NSW, Australia is an easy choice. You can be confident that your purchase will provide reliable, safe power for years to come.

Why Kubota Generators ?

Are you looking for Kubota generators? If yes, I am sure you are aware that these generators are normally geared to commercial or industrial use. They are always quite costly because of the fact that they give a great power output, something you would not find in cheap generator models which are normally designed for camping or home purposes.

Kubota generators are popular for their environmental-friendly engines and are recognized for giving quality to the end-user with minimum noise output. Now if you aren’t sure which generator to get, I am going to discuss a few here:

Kubota V3300T 45 kW Diesel Generator

This is a 45k Watt generator which is great in a cabin, work site, lodge or
simply for emergency power. The generator runs at 1800 RPM, has a silent
muffler and an acoustic air intake system. V3300T generator has four
point vibration mounts to make this a silent machine that runs smoothly.

Here are some stats:

• Fuel: No. 2 Diesel

• Horsepower: 57

• LxWxH = 60×24.5×35″

• Weight: 1150 pounds

This generator is around 9,500 dollars. You could find this through different stores online.

Kubota 33 V3300 kW Diesel Generator

This Kubota generator is much like the past one except it’s a 33k Watt unit.
It runs at about 74dB from 7m away when at complete load.

A few stats:

• Fuel: No. 2 Diesel

• Horsepower: 42

• LxWxH = 60×24.5×35″

• Weight: 1125 pounds

This generator is about 8,600 dollars.

These are just the two Kubota generators and this is on the lower-end of the
price. These generators could go for around 15000 dollars or more depending on the power. For most industrial and commercial purposes
though, the above 2 must be able to do most needs. Kubota manufactures a wide variety of diesel engines. Ranging from fifteen to sixty horse power, these diesel engines power everything from tractors and skid steers to compressors and generators. A diesel engine only differs from much bigger machines in the volume and number of cylinders and the type of emission and throttle controls. Some Kubota diesel engines generate such an amount of exhaust without emission control is needed beyond a muffler for lessening engine noise.


Whether they utilize biodiesel fuel or petroleum diesel, Kubota diesel engines run with the similar fuel system. Make sure to regularly check the fuel filter. Petroleum diesel and biodiesel could contain particulate pollutants that’ll quickly clog and fill up a filter, particularly if the generator works in a dusty place. This could cause no or intermittent engine operation.

Glow Plugs

In place of a spark plug, Kubota diesel engines utilize a glow plug to fire the
air/fuel mixture. If the motor would not run or some cylinders would not
fire, the glow plug needs replacement. Also, ensure the connection
wires that give current to the plugs are working properly. To see a glow
plug, detach it and hook the 2 power leads to the battery. They must
glow red and hot. If not, change the glow plug.


Diesel engines should have sufficient compression for the engine cylinders to light the fuel. When this occurs you should check the timing to ensure
that the cylinders are going through the complete length of the bore
before the plug lights the fire. If not, then the air and fuel are only
compressed and that leads to less power.


If the engine would not start, always start your troubleshooting process by
looking at the battery for sufficient voltage. Check also the battery
leads cables for proper connections. Too much corrosion on the leads
will lead to voltage reduction. Without voltage, either the glow plugs
or the starter will have sufficient current to operate properly.


A Kubota engine is simply like a gas engine when it comes to coolness. A
cooling fan and radiator should give coolant to the engine to maintain
the cool temperature. Check the level of the coolant fluid and fill if
needed. Check all the fittings and hoses as well for leaks. Lastly,
ensure that the water pump is correctly circulating the water from the
engine radiator to the engine block.

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